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It is finished! Great words from the Bible, and equally great for the women that attended this years retreat! Read below some of the testimonies from the ladies.

The 2018 Retreat is in the books!

Q. What is the most profound truth God spoke to you this weekend?

“God has equipped me to do a work and fear will no longer hold me back!”

“I loved what all the speakers shared. They all spoke to my heart in a specific way.”

“I am restored.”

“That I am ready, enough, and that I can keep loving without fear.”

“He deepened relationship with the ladies I came with.”

“I didn’t know that I needed this retreat, Wow!”

Q. Could you relate to the speakers?

“Yes, and I loved the prophetic night”

“The speakers were amazing. The topics were pure!”

“Absolutely. Loved each and every one of them.”

“Gosh! Yes! I love the way you all did and do! Thanks for loving this mountain girl so well!”

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