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There are two retreats this year,one each for Women and Men,both taking place in the beauty of Broken Bow Oklahoma! More information will be coming for the Men’s retreat, but both will have limited sign-ups…

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Women Men

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Hello friends! His Agenda: Hand in Hand is now open for sign-ups! Please continue reading for all the particulars…

First, we have made some necessary changes this year. We are no longer taking deposits to hold spots and are only receiving fully purchased tickets from now on. This is for several reasons, but it is a necessary change. Just a reminder as well, tickets are non-refundable. If you cannot attend you can sell, transfer, or donate your ticket to someone in need. Another important note for you to consider is that since the location of the retreat isn't local for the leaders, we will not be able to offer airport pick up. The retreat leadership team will be going up to the location early to prepare for your arrival. However, we do have friends in the DFW area who have offered to pick up and host friends and drive up to the location together. (Please contact me privately if you are interested in this option.)

Dates: AUGUST 1-4th, 2019. Check in is after 3 pm. Dinner is on your own as we will be starting the retreat after dinner!

This year we will be in a lodge on a lake!!!! All rooms are 1-3 people with 2 queen sized beds in each room. All rooms face the lake with either a balcony or patio. (You may request either and also request your roommates through MYRRH Ministries. We will try our hardest to fulfill all requests.) This location is BEAUTIFUL! You can check it out by visiting this link and clicking on the lodge. We wanted to honor the biggest request from the previous years' retreats: fewer people in a room! We have done it!!!

Included in the ticket price is your room for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, continental breakfast each morning (provided by the lodge), and dinner Friday and Saturday nights. (Lunch will be your responsibility.) We will have water, some snacks, and retreat "extras" for you included in your ticket price.

We have also heard your requests about sharing beds vs. having your own bed, so here is how we have worked to accommodate your requests: The price for the retreat is $215 for your own queen bed (only 18 available). If you don't mind sharing a queen sized bed with a friend, the cost is $185. All tickets will be sold before June 26th, and there are ONLY 50 spots!!!

There are two ways to sign up and pay:

    1) You can mail a check to MYRRH Ministries, PO BOX 79211, Fort Worth, TX 76179, OR

    2) You can click on the donate button below and pay online. We will know it is for this retreat by seeing the name and amount of either $215 or $185.

This retreat will have amazing speakers, worship, and beautiful scenery! Kirsten Takape will be leading worship and bringing you into the presence of the Holy Spirit! Speakers include Jamye Dixon, Tammy Williams, Gloria Hernandez, and more.

We look forward to seeing you there and spending some sweet moments together around a campfire, lake, and worship!

Once you’ve paid, please click here to register…Thanks!