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Welcome to Myrrh Ministries

Myrrh Ministries

P.O. Box 79211

Fort Worth, Texas  76176

History of MYRRH Ministries

Long before MYRRH Ministries had a name, the vision from God was laid on my heart. I remember all too well traveling from Florida to Texas to meet with some friends and sharing this vision with them. The year was 2003. I found out that three of those friends also had visions of a retreat center, but theirs looked a little bit different. The vision of this retreat center has become more and more detailed as the years have gone by.

In 2004, I asked the Lord where to start on this retreat journey that He was calling me to. He said to gather my friends together from all over the globe (I was a military wife, so my friends were now living in different states and countries), and He said to ask them to share what He was doing in their lives. This was the birth of our first women’s retreat, and it started in 2004 in Crestview, Florida. The title of this retreat was Gossip, Grace, and God in Your Friendships. We started out small. There were 11 women at this retreat, and we came from all parts of the United States.

Over the years we have continued to facilitate women’s retreats on different subjects with different speakers. The Lord has always laid someone on my heart to speak about a topic that He’s already given me to name the retreat for that particular year. Our largest retreat was roughly 125 women with 7 speakers.

These retreats have always been a gathering of friends who desire to grow in the Lord. Friends have now invited friends, and those friends have invited other friends over the years. They have come from as near and far as Mississippi, Arizona, Colorado, California, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Oklahoma, and Texas. We continue to grow and to develop new friendships. Each retreat has a different topic, and the location often changes from year to year. We have held retreats in California, Florida a few times, Georgia, and Texas. We may come from different backgrounds and different denominations, but one thing we all have in common is our desire to have intimate connections that encourage our hunger to walk with God at continually deepening levels.

In 2012, while having dinner with friends, MYRRH Ministries became the official name that the retreat ministry would fall under. MYRRH is an acronym for Making Your Relationships Righteous and Holy. Over the years, the retreats have focused on building relationships with God and then with others!

In 2015, MYRRH Ministries hosted their first men’s retreat in Fort Worth, Texas, with 15 men attending. This first step for the men is being followed up with a retreat this year in Waxahachie, Texas.

In 2016, MYRRH Ministries officially became a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.