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I spent most of my adult life as the wife of a military man, so we have lived all over the world. The hardest part of living that life is leaving great friends at each duty station. In 2004, The Lord laid it on my heart to invite friends from all over the globe to come together and talk about what He was doing in their lives. He gave me a theme: Friendship and different topics on the do’s and don’t’s in a friendship. The first of many retreats was birthed through our first, titled “Gossip, Grace and God in your Friendships”! Thus the beginning of a Bi-annual retreat that became annual retreats in 2012.

From those intimate beginnings back 13 years ago, we have steadily grown our retreat with friends, and friends of friends, but what we have not lost and refuse to lose is the intimacy. We have managed to grow in numbers while maintaining a safe place for women to connect with God through worship and the authentic testimonies of other women...women just like you and me.

By Margret Aragona

He speaks: The Semi-reluctant Husband

I’ve always been supportive helping my wife prepare for and execute her retreats from behind the scenes, but recently I have felt the Lord tug on my heart to do something for the men.

Well, this is the year for the men to gather. I have truly felt like this is going to be a retreat of regular dudes, so the speakers are guys just like you and me. This first true retreat will be limited to 40 guys, so sign up early.

To say that the “us” in the about us section is just 2 people would be a vital mistake. It truly takes a village to make these retreats go off without a hitch! A sincere THANK YOU to all who help to make these happen!

A long time ago in a land far, far, away…

     Give praise to the LORD, proclaim his name;

1 Chron.